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Meet the Girls

Photo by Andrew Piccone

Ten years ago Angela Di Toro and Kara Mergl met on their first day of college and they’ve been friends ever since.  After trying out a few different cities, all these years later they find themselves calling New York home.  City girls through and through, Di Toro and Mergl are excited to see what working on a farm brings.

Born in Port Washington, NY, Di Toro got her first sight of animal rescue when she was just 2 years old.  Her mother began working at the North Shore Animal League (NSAL) and would take the family to work with her on the weekends. It was there she learned about how the dogs and cats in the shelter had been rescued from certain death by either abuse or neglect from their owners, or by lethal injection at one of the many local pounds that were inundated with homeless animals. Throughout her childhood and into adolescence, Di Toro would periodically volunteer at this no-kill shelter, and that’s when she discovered her passion for speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.  After college, she began working part-time as an adoption counselor at the no-kill animal shelter Little Shelter Animal Rescue in Huntington, NY, and continues her work there today. Over the years Di Toro has studied the importance of animal welfare and protection and as a result, has become an active advocate for animal rights and welfare.  It wasn’t before long that her education and deep compassion for all animals resulted in her decision to lead a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Di Toro’s  quest for animal safety and welfare remains steadfast, and she excited for the opportunity to work with Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Kara A Mergl*

Angela Di Toro*

Born on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border in the small town of Sharon, PA, Mergl grew up as more of a tomboy than a city girl.  At the age of 17, however, she got her first glimpse of New York City and it was then that she knew one day she would call it home.  Now a resident of Brooklyn, NY, Mergl has dedicated her life to issues of social justice.  Over the past several years she has focused on affordable housing and homelessness issues through her work at Common Ground and the 100,000 Homes Campaign.   Mergl, however, has a personal interest in animal welfare and healthy food initiatives.  As a vegetarian and a diabetic Mergl understands the importance of healthy, fresh foods and maintaining a cruelty-free diet.  Mergl’s not sure what scooping cow-patties on a farm will be like, but she is looking forward to kicking off her heels and getting dirty with the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

*Photos by Andrew Piccone

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