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The best milkshake and chicpea “tuna” I’ve ever had!

August 18, 2010

I’m sure it’s no surprise that NYC is full of mouth-watering and delicious vegan and vegetarian options.  I’m always eternally grateful for this particularly when I return from trips to middle America where food options usually include beef, beef and more beef.  It’s a big part of the culture in middle America, but here in NYC I can find something friendly to my diet on just about every street corner!   This week I stumbled across one of these   Terri!  I have to admit that Angela told me about this place several months ago since it was just a few steps away from her office.  My office at the time though was all the way across town and I had my own favorites there.  Recently though my office moved and I was confronted with finding new favorite places, and lo’ and behold Terri resurfaced.

It’s a pretty unassuming place located on 23rd St and 6th Ave.  If you walk  it looks no different from many other quick stop joints with a walk up counter, a big chalkboard announcing the food, and a few stools in case you wanted to eat there.  The place was consistently busy when I stopped by with many people popping in from the gym that it’s attached to or people grabbing and going onto someplace else to enjoy their treats.  Their menu isn’t long but it covers all the bases – sandwiches, salads (including bean and quinoa varieties), smoothies (with options to add types of protein) and milkshakes (from soy or rice milk).  You can even make  your options gluten-free.  If you’re reading this and have not considered a vegetarian lifestyle I know what you’re thinking – “this place cannot be good”.  It’s ok to think that, the unknown can be scary.  Sometimes even the known can be scary too; I’ve certainly gone to places like this and left unsatisfied and seeking the next place to get my hands on something else.  This place is worth it though, trust me!

I went right for one of their mouth-watering sandwiches-the chicpea “tuna” melt- and simply couldn’t resist a strawberry soy milkshake.  Angela ordered up a gluten-free “chicken” quesadilla, and our non-vegetarian, non-fruit or vegetable eating friend ordered up “bacon chicken” cheddar ranch.  In all the orders the meat was soy based and the cheese was vegan.  The chicpea tuna was very hearty and filling, and if you like chicpeas like I do then you can’t go wrong with this option.  They were ground up a bit so that it all held together but not so much that it was smooth like hummus.  The cheese wasn’t heavy, just a fine and gooey enough layer that it didn’t overwhelm the melt but complemented it.  But if I thought the chicpea tuna was good, the soy milkshake floored me.  Hands down the best shake I’ve ever had.  I watched as the ladies behind the counter tossed everything in the blender including big, plump, fresh strawberries.  This place it worth it just for one of the shake!

So if you’re looking for a great vegetarian option in the city or are looking for a place to try out what vegetarians eat I highly recommend Terri.  Oh and remember our non-vegetarian, non-fruit or vegetable eating friend?  The bacon chicken cheddar ranch combo left her very happy!

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