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What’s on your plate?

August 3, 2010

Inspired by a comment left by one of our readers (thanks Patricia Rathbone!) we decided that we want to know what’s on your vegetarian and vegan plate.  Often, one of the most difficult aspects of considering a vegetarian and certainly a vegan diet is wondering what you will eat and worrying that the food just will not be as good.  We’re here, and our readers are here, to show you the other side of the coin!  In response to our recent post You can have your turkey and eat it too Patricia offered up her recommendations for her vegan friendly turkey sandwich picks.  Here’s what she had to say:

Quorn Tur’ky Roast is fantastic also!! It’s very easy to cook and has the same “bite” feeling that turkey has! An excellent vegan mayo is called Veganaise by Follow Your Heart. It’s High Omega 3! So not only is it NOT bad for you but actually good for you!! Win/Win! Also, to me, it tastes closer to Hellmann’s regular than their own healthier attempts!!”

Now it’s your turn.  Send us your comments and recipes to let us know what’s on your plate!  We’ll share what’s on ours too!

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