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The great goat experiment…

August 3, 2010
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I used to know a guy who knew some people who had some goats.  They lived in the backyard of a small house in New Jersey.  The property was relatively large and there was a portion of it caged off just for them.  They were pretty amazing creatures!  They knew their names, came when they were called, were very friendly and affectionate, and just downright cute animals.  Then one day this guy and I went to visit these people he knew and the goats were gone.  Turns out they had developed a talent for jumping the fence in their part of the yard and wondering over to the neighbor’s flowerbeds for some lunch.  Needless to say, the neighbors were not as enthralled with the goats as I was and the goats were sent away to the nearest petting zoo (or at least that’s what I was told).  Ever since then, however, I’ve been slightly obsessed with one day having my own goats but just making sure they weren’t snacking on the neighbors marigolds. When I describe my “one day” future I always include, “one day living in the country on a big piece of land with a couple of goats.”  Don’t be mistaken, I’m in no rush to give up my heels and the bright city lights but, you know, maybe one day…

Here comes the wrench in the plan… One of the things we were most shocked by at WFAS is how many animals come from the city or from people who got them without having the full scope of knowledge on how to care for them.  I imagine when dealing with goats there is probably an ideal size of land, a certain number to keep together so they’re not lonely, a specific diet that does not include table scraps and tin cans, and an ideal height for a fence so that your marigolds aren’t in danger of being lunch.  It occurs to me that I know absolutely none of this information.  Instead of instantly changing my ‘one day’ plan to owning a pair of Manolo Blahnik on a social worker’s salary though I am committing to learning all I can about what I would need to realistically own some goats in the rather distant future.  I’ll also be sharing this information with you as I learn more so make sure to check back often!

Good luck with those Manolo Blahniks

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