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Not a typical night out, but a night out nonetheless…

July 26, 2010

Little Black Dress, Very High Heels, and Good Friends

Let’s talk about how ridiculous it is that one Ms. Angela Di Toro and I will be working on a farm… Last Saturday night she and I had the honor and privilege to celebrate our dear friend’s 30th birthday – and let’s just say we did it in style.  In short, there was a limo, very high heels, little black dresses, and our favorite cocktails.  So maybe this wasn’t a typical night out  in NYC, but it was a night out nonetheless.  Limousines usually aren’t our style, but very high heels and little black dresses often do make the cut.  As a matter of fact, last time I had on sneakers I was walking 40 miles to end breast cancer.  I’m proud of the fact that I don’t need to wear ugly shoes when I leave the house and put on my heels when I get to work; I wear them all day, everyday.  But now I’ve agreed to take on some blisters for reasons other than breaking in a new pair of pointy toes.  Clearly, for only the best causes am I willing to bust out the sneakers.  While I’d rather get off the hook easy, don’t forget to DONATE to support WFAS.

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